2024 Korean Women’s Venture Association CEO Magazine:

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The protective tape, which uses PE film with high tensile strength and elongation, enhances functional durability. Even when the tape is peeled off, no residue of the adhesive remains on the adherend, which is a distinctive feature.

Dasung P&F Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture of protective tapes. It was established in October 2014 by CEO Shin Min-kyung (55).

CEO Shin said, “As a company pursuing trust and reliability, we are continuously growing as a company that pursues the highest quality based on years of accumulated technology and experience.” She added, “We are striving to grow into a world-leading protective tape manufacturer, surpassing Korea, based on excellent research and development and manufacturing/production technology.”

Dasung P&F produces industrial protective tapes. Industrial protective tapes effectively block and protect against external contamination and damage that can occur during storage, processing, and transportation of various material surfaces, enhancing the value of the product. They are widely used in industrial sites and logistics distribution sites.

The protective tape, which uses PE film with high tensile strength and elongation, enhances functional durability. The product is manufactured to be applied with various adhesion strengths depending on the surface condition of the adherend by applying an acrylic adhesive with excellent physical properties.

“The essential role of general tapes is to stick well to the adherend. However, industrial protective tapes should not only stick well but also peel off well. Industrial protective tapes can fully function by protecting the surface of various materials and leaving no foreign substances when peeled off. Because of this specialty, the products produced by our company have differentiated adhesive strength depending on the characteristics and surface processing status of the adherend. The PE film’s adhesive coating surface is specially treated internally so that even if the tape is peeled off after attachment, no residue of the adhesive remains on the adherend.”

CEO Shin said, “The construction of high-speed production facilities applying drying patents and productivity improvement is competitiveness.”

"Protective tape, a consumable material, is used in large quantities in industrial sites, so the production capacity per unit time is the core of the technology. In the production of protective tape, drying technology greatly affects the quality and quantity of the product. The drying process evaporates the solvent among the mixtures (adhesive + solvent) coated on the inner surface of the film in the coating process.

If the drying process does not proceed smoothly, product quality defects occur. Our company has registered a patent to design and apply a drying device to improve these problems, reduce the production scale, and increase drying efficiency and production speed.

Based on our patented drying technology, we have succeeded in producing products at a high speed of about 190M per minute with a width of 1500mm, which is more than 2.5 times faster than our competitors."

The improvement in workability by applying a cutting device patent is also considered a strength. “The cutter that cuts the cylindrical products currently in circulation fixes one side of the paper tube from the outside, rotates it, and then proceeds with the cutting work by advancing and retreating the blade. This type of work takes a considerable amount of time because the paper tube is fixed from the outside, and there is a disadvantage that the cross-section of the product is not even. In a continuous work environment, it becomes an inefficient job and productivity drops significantly. To solve these problems, we applied a ‘wrapping cutting device’ patent to increase productivity and reduce the defect rate. We changed the device fixed from the outside of the paper tube to a three-sided fixing method inside the paper tube, and we are cutting more than 4000R/L per day based on 500mm by applying our own standard and non-standard cutters. In the case of non-standard cutting, it is possible to cut up to mm units, so we are meeting customer needs by supplying the size needed in the industry in a timely manner.”

Dasung P&F is identifying user needs through business cooperation with customer companies. They are cooperating with each other to discover new trading partners, and the customers’ ON-LINE marketing is also actively taking place. “Our company has a low attrition rate due to stable product supply and quick feedback on customer requests, and we have maintained a good relationship with our partners through technical collaboration and mutual cooperation. Based on these efforts, we are complying with delivery dates and guaranteeing quality through OEM contracts with medium and large distribution companies, and we are maintaining a steady relationship with an average trading period of more than 9 years.”

Dasung P&F is composed of 24 people. Regarding future plans, CEO Shin said, “The goal is to increase sales and distribute performance through pioneering new markets, so that the company and its members can develop.” Dasung P&F is a member of the Korea Women’s Venture Association and is active, and CEO Shin is serving as the vice president of the association.